Become the best version of yourself in only 90 days!

Change your relationship with food

Do you have cravings? Do you often turn to food to change your moods? Are there foods that you cannot resist even if you are full? Let`s go deep to understand not only why you eat, but why you eat what you eat!

Improve your energy levels and mental focus

Are you running on caffeine and sugar to get to the end of the day? Say good bye to physical fatigue, brain fog and energy fluctuation. Get unstoppable!

Improve your health and strengthen your immune system

Your body`s healing capacity is incredible, the only thing you have to give it is the proper nutrition. Let`s learn what is the natural human diet, the only one that will help you to live longer and better. 

Improve your sleep

Your diet has an impact on the quality of your rest. How many times do you hit the snooze button before you get up? Fall asleep fast and wake up recharged.

What is not included:

no calorie counting

When you eat you need nutrients not calories, so we concentrate on nutrients. You don`t need to eat less calories to loose weight, you just need to eat the right ones.

no hunger

Hunger is a very important message of your body. Instead of supressing it we learn to understand it. Are you familiar with the six human hungers? Once you understand the need you will be able to  address it properly.

no willpower

Any program based on willpower is meant to fail. It is never you who fail diets, diets fail you. Our tools will help you to get conscious about your food choices. Our power is understanding and you will never need anything else.

no supplements

No pills, supplements or superfood is required. Believe it or not, all the food we recommend is available at your local grocery store. 

no exercise

No, we will never tell you not to do sports if you wish to, however it is not the key to weightloss. Instead of stressing out the body with excess exercise we concentrate on stress release.

Get back the control over your nutrition, over your health and over your shape!

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