Hi, my name is Viki Fabian and I am one of those middle aged women, whose ever slim body started to change after turning forty. 

It started slowly, almost imperceptibly. One or two kilos are not the end of the world. On any holidays I used to put them on, but as soon as I was back into my everyday mess, they fled. But not this time. And year by year I put on one or one and a half more.

My slight discomfort was turning into desperation, so I declared war. I was dieting, fasting, took supplements, did exercise and also therapy to get rid of my emotional eating. I cannot say that nothing worked, but definitely, nothing lasted. For 3 kilos lost, I gained back 4 on an average. Sounds familiar?     

I started the program on my 48th birthday and was reborn through the process. In 90 days I gained back the control over my weight, over my nutrition and over my health. I feel better than EVER in my life. And to say that close to turning 49 is a real victory. 

I used to be slim, but my diet was awful. I was heavily addicted to sugar, and most food that I put in my mouth used to feed my emotions instead of my body. Even knowing all that, I could not see the way out.

WILDFIT changed my life completely. Once you feel REALLY well in your body, to make healthy choices is easier than you think. If you are struggling with similar issues, I am here to tell you that there is hope, you can turn it all around and change the end of your story. 

As a WILDFIT Coach it is a privilege and an honor to help others to improve their health, nutrition and the quality of their lives. I am so excited about all the things this program could do for you!

I am ready, the question is: are YOU?