Why is it that, among all species on Earth, us humans suffer the most illnesses?

Why is it that, among all species on Earth, us humans suffer the most illnesses, followed by others that we feed, like our pets and farm animals?

Afterall, we all know of what should we eat more of and what should we eat less of for a better health... Despite, why is it so difficult to make better food choices?

How nice it would be to wake up one day and wish for salad upon pizza and for steamed vegetables upon fried potatos. Well, I don`t have a magic wand, but I can guarantee that there is a method that in three months will change your relationship with food for the rest of your life. Those 90 days are only the beginning of the journey to a destination from where you would never like to return: to a healthier, more energetic and leaner yourself.

After so many failed attempts of dieting, even my psychologist said that I had to accept my age and the fact that I will never get back to my former shape. In that moment the therapy ended. I can perfectly accept my wrinkles, but was not up to hiding extra kilos in incresing sized clothes for the rest of my life.

I was over 70 kilos then, today 57 and I know that I will never gain them back. And all this WITHOUT HUNGER, WITHOUT GOING TO THE GYM, WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTS AND SHAKES AND WITHOUT COUNTING CALORIES.

The formula to lose weight and to mantain it is far more simple than you think. Believe me, if you haven`t succeded yet, IT IS NOT YOU WHO FAILED, BUT THE METHOD FAILED YOU. Don`t ever trust any diet that is based on willpower. Not because you don`t have any, but because it is highly unstable.

Do you need a happy ending? I do not promise that it will be a smooth flight; as in any decent stories, there will be demons to fight, but I do promise that you don`t have to do it alone, and that you don`t need to worry for the bright ending.