Whatever the problem is, the answer is not in the fridge…

Unless you are really hungry the answer is not in the fridgepng
… unless you are genuinely hungry, of course.

It is not difficult to make a difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. Next time you feel the need of snacking, just ask yourself if an apple or a plate of brussels sprouts would do for you. Whenever you wish for a certain food and nothing else seems to be OK instead, your hunger is most probably emotional.

Do you ever eat to change your mood? Having a bad day, feeling tired, bored, anxious, stressed, disconnected? Are you on the watch for special occasions to give yourself a treat? You know, even your neighbour's cousin's dog's birthday will do.

Since I have memory, I was addicted to sugar. I knew very well that I was not heading with that - let`s call it - nutrition to any pleasant destination, but still, I could not resist to reach out for sweets.

With WILDFIT I learned to observ and understand the root causes of these emotional states and found much better ways to handle them than with chocolate, cakes and croissants. Once you recognise these patterns you can say goodbye to your old habits. Needless to describe all the positive effect these discoveries had on my size and shape.

What are the foods that give you comfort or you consider a treat?

I bet they are low carb, low sugar and low calorie ones, aren`t they?

If you want to quit emotional eating and find better solutions to handle your moods, come and join my next group..